10 Tumblr BRAID Hairstyles!


10 Tumblr BRAID Hairstyles!

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10 Tumblr BRAID Hairstyles! Courtney i suscribed now
I like the #4 😍 i love your vids 😊💖
Your Hair is nice but please explain
Why am i watching this video while i can't even braid...
Like if your mixed
Omg! Thx so much? Me and my twin sister love this
You've got some wonderful hairstyles that are so FREAKING good!! Love you.. Also you are the most sweetest cutest person I've EVER SEEEEEEN!!!
Lol BOOBS & BRAIDS on ur shirt during the 9th hair style
I need to learn, but I can't be bothered
Idk why I’m watching this I look bad in braids
6 is mine
Can you please tell me were you you your choker is really cute
Definitely trying some of these!!!
Number five
I will definitely be trying 5❤️
i love doing hair!
She's amazing!!
I think 3 is the best💖💖💖
Your hair is so long and so perfect my hair goes up to my chest